Your Prequalification Submission Has Been Received

Our team of mortgage champions are processing your information now. Your loan officer will be calling you within the next two hours.

In the meantime, here’s some helpful tools that our clients have loved. Whether you want to calculate your monthly payment or see if you qualify for a mortgage after a bankruptcy, we have a calculator that answers your questions. Below are some of the calculators we have to help you. Click on the one you want.

  • Monthly Mortgage Payment Calculator: This calculator figures out your proposed monthly payment, including things such as insurance, property taxes, mortgage insurance (if applicable) and more.
  • Seller Concessions Real Estate Calculator: This calculator figures out the maximum amount of seller concessions allowed by type of loan.
  • Waiting Period Calculator: This calculator figures out the time period that must pass after a bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure before being eligible for a mortgage loan.
  • Extra Mortgage Payment Calculator: This calculator is coming soon.

You can also check out our mortgage blog by clicking here.

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