Select whether you had a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy, as well as the date of the discharge/sale of the property. This calculator will let you know when you can apply again for either a VA, FHA, USDA or conventional mortgage.

Earliest Date to Apply

*If you are not active in the military or a veteran, you are ineligible for a VA loan

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* When a foreclosure occurs on a home that was included in a Bankruptcy, the waiting period on CONVENTIONAL loans will be based off of the Bankruptcy Date, as opposed to the Foreclosure Date.
** If a customer has been undergoing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy payment plan for at least 1 year and with a perfect payment history, he or she may be eligible for FHA, VA or USDA prior to the discharge of the Bankruptcy.
*** Chapter 13 Bankruptcies that are Dismissed rather than Discharged are treated as a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for waiting-period purposes.