Energy Audits Provide Discounts

Energy Audit saves money

“You can pay off your house, but you cannot pay off your electric bill” – Nate Davis, Florida Mortgage Firm president.

Many local utility providers offer free energy audits. While these are eye-opening to the homeowner, they also come with an added bonus: DISCOUNTS!

In Tampa, for example, you can have TECO do an energy audit on your home. In one case, after the audit, an associate of ours opted to have extra insulation sprayed in her attic. As a result of the audit, TECO provided her with a $350 rebate form for that upgrade.

She will save the net costs of the extra insulation within 6-8 months via lower electric bills. Every month after that, she will be that much ahead, financially.

If you are serviced by TECO, check out their link for this great program:

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