Loan Officers

Whether you receive a rate of 1% or 10% has no bearing on our loan officers’ income. This structure ensures Florida Mortgage Firm provides only the best deal to you, combined with the best service.

We are self-proclaimed “numbers nerds” who program unique, custom calculators that real estate agents can use to figure everything from closing costs to time necessary to be eligible for a loan after a short sale or bankruptcy. Even the media has recognized our expertise. Case in point, The Tampa Bay Times has turned to us for credible information relevant to mortgage lending.

What makes us amazing at what we do?

The team at Florida Mortgage Firm has extensive experience in Real Estate, Title and Insurance, as well as Actuaries, Journalists, Editors, Programmers, Retail Bankers, Credit Unions Processors and more.

While our team was assembled on talent, it was done more so for their passion in this line of work. 

You will not find a team of better-trained, better-focused individuals who love their job and work as hard as you do. We work for perfection.

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