Mortgage Calculators

Whether you want to calculate your monthly payment or see if you qualify for a mortgage after a bankruptcy, we have a calculator that answers your questions. Below is a list of the calculators we have to help you. Click on the one you want.


  • Seller Concessions Real Estate Calculator: This calculator figures out the maximum amount of seller concessions allowed by type of loan.
  • Monthly Mortgage Payment Calculator: This calculator figures out your proposed monthly payment, including things such as insurance, property taxes and more.
  • Waiting Period Calculator: This calculator figures out the time period that must pass after a bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure before being eligible for a mortgage loan.
  • You Can Get 2 VA Loans: This free tool figures out whether you can get a second VA loan, as well as what your down payment would be, if even necessary.
  • Extra Mortgage Payment Calculator: This calculator is coming soon.


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