Barbara Hall

barbaraMy career in the financial world started many years ago when I needed a job after returning from four years of traveling with my husband in the Air Force. We spent the last two years in Germany and what an awesome experience that was! My philosophy was that if I had to work, I should give no less than 110% and turn the job into a career.

Thanks to a manager who believed in me back when women weren’t necessarily considered candidates for management, I was promoted to Branch Manager of the small Savings & Loan where I worked. Then, as times changed and Tampa Federal S & L was purchased by California based Glendale Federal (remember the commercial “when you say jump, we say how high?), my career in banking really started to advance. Because I married at a young age, college was put on the back burner, but Glendale gave me the opportunity to pursue an education through “Glendale University,” which was awesome but challenging with a full-time job, a baby and a teenager to raise!

Though I was definitely a “career woman,” my No. 1 priority was my family, and with two children to raise, I have had a full and wonderful life! When my daughter was five and I was going through a divorce and had just turned 40, she once started to cry. When I asked what was wrong, she said, “My daddy just left me, and you’re so old your gonna die soon. Then I won’t have any parents.”

That really made me stop and “smell the roses,” and shortly thereafter I gave up the corporate world and went to work for Hallmark Mortgage, which was a small hometown mortgage company that allowed me the flexibility to spend more time with my family. I later purchased the Plant City branch of Hallmark (just before the market took a turn for the worse mind you) and later merged with Nate Davis at Florida Mortgage Firm. Now I focus strictly on providing the best service possible to my clients.

I know the importance of establishing trust in those you count on to handle one of your most prized assets, your financial data. At Florida Mortgage Firm, we strive to offer that hometown, trustworthy, yet state-of-the-art service that everyone looking to purchase or refinance a home deserves.

Barbara Hall, Loan Officer
Florida Mortgage Firm
NMLS #338772

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