Fast Loan Process

Do you feel it? We certainly do. The Need… The Need for Speed! Speed is a highly coveted skill in the world of mortgage lending. What makes it valuable is its rarity. It’s basic economics: supply and demand. Our loan officers, processing staff and support team have a wide set of skills that keep limitations from weighing us down. Our team is filled with experience in not only lending, but also insurance, title, realty and much more. This frees us to step up and fill in the gaps in a transaction, as opposed to only processing and approving it. Simply put: We bring results, not excuses. Here are some tactics that guarantee a fast loan process (This is only a sample of what we do).
  1. Anticipate an underwriter’s perspective and take time to explain things to the underwriter.
  2. Go above and beyond to get your buyers’ loans approved.
  3. Formal underwriting up front. We get loan commitments out the gate (difference in Wholesale vs. Retail)
  4. Address any red flags, reviewing documentation and searching for address, date and loan-application discrepancies.
  5. Get mortgage insurance approved within minutes.
If you feel the “Need” like we do, and are interested in leveraging it to increase your business, then give us a call or fill out the short form below. It’s your first step to selling more.

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