Smooth Home-Buying Process

“At the beginning of last year, I started to consider buying my first home.  I was very tired and frustrated with the endless cycle of renting and just throwing my money away.  

“When I first started looking, it was very, very intimidating!  At the end of the day, no matter how many homes I looked at, I knew that I wanted out of my apartment.  I was being extra careful because I was new to the whole process and didn’t want a payment that I couldn’t manage.

“Nate had all of the answers, he understood where I was coming from and wasn’t scared to voice his opinion.  He was there from the beginning to the end and helped with every aspect of it, from the looking for the home, to the home inspection, to getting me the most affordable insurance, and to the closing!  I felt very confident at the closing knowing that Nate was there to look over all of the numbers to make sure everything was accurate.

“Even though I added a few bumps to the road, thanks for helping me have a smooth first time home buying process!”

Thank you,

Jason Ferrito

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