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“We just want to thank you so much for making our home-buying experience such a pleasant transaction. It was nice to work with a good, ole southern couple who are real, helpful, down to earth and so straight forward.

“Nate, after the closing we were amazed at what an excellent job you did educating us about the whole home-buying process and all the paperwork that comes along with it. I would have been completely lost and felt uncomfortable signing all those legal documents had you not took such an extensive amount of time to explain all the real estate, insurance and legal jargon. I feel like I learned enough that I could go into realty and know what I am talking about.

“We were done with the closing in record time because we were so well prepped before hand. We left the closing without asking a single question, and we felt safe about understanding all the paperwork we had to sign. We appreciate what a personal level of service you gave us. It was nice to reach you on your personal phone before and after business hours. I understand you were working at all hours of the night to help us be able to close on the original earlier date we wanted, even though the sellers were holding up things on their end. We would have been so disappointed if we would have had to wait an extra week to move into our dream home.

“You were great about getting back to us promptly. Of course, my skeptical husband compared your rates with others and we were pleasantly surprised what a reasonable deal your company is able to offer with such unreasonable rates of your competitors. We were already impressed with your business manner before we received the classy Thanksgiving card you sent us in the mail, but it was a nicely added touch. It is on display in my dining room because it matches perfectly with our maple leaf decor.

“I feel very comfortable recommending Florida Mortgage Firm to anyone I know buying a home. When the sellers’ lawyer saw the amount you charge, he said, “Wow…you must have a really kind mortgage broker!” We agreed. Thanks again for all your hard work. We really appreciate it.

“We hope your beautiful family has a wonderful holiday season.”


Brian and Holley Gentry

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