Mortgage Expert With Extraordinary Customer Service

“Several months ago, I was talking with a colleague of mine and said that I was frustrated with mortgage company representatives.  I found them to be unfriendly, uncaring and not very knowledgeable. My colleague said, ‘You should contact Nate Davis.  He is a mortgage expert at Florida Mortgage Firm.

You will find him to be very helpful, and he stays involved with you personally through the whole process of your mortgage loan.’

“I took my colleague’s advice and called Nate Davis. My experience with Nate has been exhilarating. I needed someone who would take a personal interest on my behalf, and Nate was the person who filled that void. He took charge immediately. He kept me informed daily while saving me a lot of money. To say that I recommend Nate Davis is an understatement. Anyone who uses Nate Davis will not be disappointed but will receive extraordinary customer service.”

Gayle Herrington
Happy Customer

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